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Here we are with the school somewhere. Mirjam Levi is sitting in the front, third from the left. Muci Eskenazi is sitting in the first row on the right. I am the fifth from right in the second row. The photo was taken in Belgrade in the 1930s. My sister and I went to the same school, but she was younger than me. We went to the Jewish kindergarten. I cannot remember where it was. In general I remember that we went there. I don't remember the teachers. I don't remember anyone from there. I don't know if there was a Jewish school. We were not in any Jewish organizations; we were too little. I started elementary school here on Kralja Petra Street. It was a public school. There were Jewish and non-Jewish children. It was mixed. There were some Jews in my class. I was friends with Muci Eskenazi and Mirjam Levi and a boy named Zak whose last name I don't remember. Zak liked me a lot and brought me flowers. We walked to school together and returned together. He lived across the street on Gospodar Jovanova. He would pick flowers, white field chamomile from the lawn, and give them to me. He was killed too. I shared a desk with a Serbian girl. Mirjam and Mucika sat in front of me. I was also friends with the Serbian girl but better friends with the other two. I don't remember any other friends from my childhood except Mirjam and Muci.

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