Matilda Cerge with her sister and maternal aunt Minka

My sister Breda and I are pictured with my mother's sister Minka. She lived in Slovenia and married a man named Zabukovec. I don?t know who the boy in the picture is. During the summer, my sister and I went with my mother to Slovenia and the seaside and to resorts with fresh water springs. We were at resorts with my mother a few times. We went to Mataruska Springs. My mother had rheumatism and went there to swim in the springs. In general we were with my mother. I went a few times with my grandmother to the fresh water springs. Grandmother never took my sister anywhere. She was very restless and unruly, and Grandmother didn't like this. I was her favorite. All my mother's siblings lived in Slovenia. They have all since died and are buried in Slovenia. I have occasional contact with their children.

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