Family picture from Avram and Dona Kalef's wedding

This is a picture of my extended family at my parents' wedding. Dona Kalef (nee Antonija Ograjensek) and Avram Kalef are the bride and groom. The little boy next to my mother is my cousin David Kalef. On the right in the two white dresses are my mother's sisters who came to the wedding from Slovenia: on the left is Minka and on the right is Justina. Next to Mother's sisters is my grandmother, Matilda Kalef. Behind her with the hat is Avram Kalef, her brother. Next to him is Isak Koen. Next to grandmother is Avram Kalef's wife Vukica. To her left are my cousins, Regina Kalef, then Rahela Koen, Rasela Kalef. To her left is my granduncle Jakov Kalef, his wife Lenka Kalef, their son Josko Kalef. Next to Mother in the first row is Lenka Koen, her husband Josip Koen, my cousin Benko Darsi and Stella Darsi.

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