Matilda Cerge and her family on vacation in Slovenia

This is from a vacation in Slovenia. My mother, Dona Kalef, is pictured on the left, next to her are her two sisters, Minka, Justina , my sister Breda, Slavka Ograjensek, Vasa who drove my father, then my father, Avram Kalef, Karl Zabukovac, Minka's husband and myself. The photo was taken in the 1930s.

All my mother's siblings lived in Slovenia. They have all since died and are buried in Slovenia. I have occasional contact with their children.

He was a diabetic with atrophy but he went everywhere. He wanted to see everything. We even went with him to the seaside. He went to the Adriatic Sea. We went by train. We didn't go to the sea every year, but we went somewhere. Sometimes the whole family went together, but most of the time we went with Mother.

It is amazing how delicate my sister and I were. We were sick, we had every possible illness: measles, chicken pox, mumps, problems with lungs, everything. Mother was very worried about our health and she took us a lot of times to Slovenia so that we could be in the Slovenian forest during the summer to breath the Slovenian air. During the day we laid on a hammock in the woods to breathe in the air and get better.


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