Matilda Cerge as a baby

I am pictured here as a baby. I told this story the other day at the senior's meeting in the Jewish community. We are supposed to tell something from our lives and I chose this one. I was a born prematurely and was one kilo 750 grams at birth. It was terrible. I needed to be kept alive. My grandmother rubbed goose-fat all over me, and then she wrapped me in cotton. Only my head remained uncovered. She kept me near the stove to keep me warm. And she fed me with a teaspoon for dolls, one drop at a time. I had no strength. Nine months or maybe a year later, I received the first prize for the most advanced child from 'Kap Mleka', the pediatric health clinics at the time. Before the war the pediatric health clinics were called ?drop of milk.? Imagine when I was born I was like a piece of meat: 1 kilo 750 grams. Terrible. This was a great success for my grandmother.

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Matilda Cerge

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