Jakov and Lenka Kalef in a boat


These are my granduncle Jakov and his wife Lenka Kalef in a boat in 1929. I don't know where exactly this photo was taken.

Granduncle Jakov helped his sister, Matilda Kalef, who was the head of our family. We lived right next to each other, number three and number five Gospodar Jovanova. He took care of her and our family. It was as if he was our grandfather. Granduncle Jakov was on the board of the Jewish community. He was a cantor in the synagogue. Granduncle was involved in Jewish communal life and he kept my father and grandmother informed about everything. Because we were like one family and he was the head of the family. In fact, Jakov and Grandmother were the heads.

Jakov's wife, Lenka, who lived next door at number five, loved us very much. Every year before Purim, unbeknownst to us, she took our dolls and made new dresses for them. The dresses were always different so that we wouldn't fight over them. My sister's were blue and mine pink, or the opposite. It was wonderful.

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