Matilda Cerge and her sister Breda Simonovic


My sister Breda and I had this picture taken after the war, but I don't remember where and when.

Very soon after the war my sister and I joined the Jewish community. We were working and couldn't go often. We went periodically. Now that I am free I can go more often. But all the time we were members of the Jewish community. My sister even sang with the choir and went to Israel with them in 1952, '54, '56, '58. Breda was also in Israel for six months performing with the Israeli Opera Company from September 1964 to March 1965.

In 1946 I went to Slovenia to my uncle, a dentist, to work a little there. But I didn't last long there, and in 1947 I returned to Belgrade. I got a job at the dental clinic. My future husband, Onton Cerge, came to visit me, this and that, and in 1948 we married. I went to live with him on Topcidarski Brdo. We married on 8th September 1948 at the Savski Venac municipal office. My mother and sister were not present. There was no celebration after the ceremony.

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Matilda Cerge

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