Jakov Kalef in the Jewish community building

This is my uncle in the Jewish community building on Kralja Petra Street. These are the members of the board that was resposible for building the new synagogue, Bet Israel, on Cara Urosa Street. The photo was taken in Belgrade in the 1900s. According to ?Until the Final Solution: Jews in Belgrade 1521-1942? by Zeni Lebl, the following individuals are pictured here: The building committee for the Bet Israel synagogue from left to right: Seated: Josif Pinto, Menahem Koen, Dr. Rafailo Margulis, Semaja Demajo, Dr. Solomon Alkalaj, Rafailo Finc, esq., Salom Ruso, Mihailo Levi, Avram Hajim. Standing: Nahman Levi, engineer, Leon Talvi, engineer, Samuel Saks, Mosa N. Levi, Mika B. Nisim, Rafailo Benvenisti, Jakov Kalef, Elijas Levi, engineer, Samuel Sumbul, engineer, J. Kozinski, Isak D. Levi, Jakov S. Davico Third row: Avram Levi, Jovan Alkalaj.



Matilda Cerge

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