Jakov Kalef

This is my granduncle Jakov Kalef. He always wore this kind of suit and tie. My father also wore a suit like this but I don't know about the bow-tie. The photo was taken in Belgrade.

My uncle and his sister, grandmother Matilda, were partners in a store that sold ready-made men's clothing. It was a big store across the street from Albania, a well-known cafe-barroom, in the center of the city.

Granduncle Jakov was on the board of the Jewish community. He worked a lot, he was very involved. He was also a cantor in the synagogue. Granduncle was involved in Jewish communal life and he kept my father and grandmother informed about everything. Because we were like one family and he was the head of the family. In fact, Jakov and Grandmother were the heads.

Photos from this interviewee