Matilda Cerge and her sister Breda Simonovic

Here I am with my sister Breda before the war. We are wearing dresses that we called dirndls. They were in the Austrian fashion. The photo was taken in Belgrade in the 1940s. My sister always had a talent for acting and everything. Whenever we were anywhere, during Purim for instance, if we were at someone's place or at home and people came over, we recited verses and sang. Since we were the youngest in the family they always made us recite passages and sing. It wasn't enough for my sister to sing; she had to be put on the table. She liked to show off. I stood off to her side and we sang duets or we recited something in duet. She very much liked to get attention. I was called Tilka and my sister Ela. Everyone called us by these names. After the war Mother continued to call us by these names.

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Matilda Cerge

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