Matilda Cerge's father Avram Kalef and maternal relatives in Slovenia

When we went to Dolenska, Slovenia, we stayed in this house. The woman who owned the house had a big dog that we liked. You can see my father, Avram Kalef, in his wheelchair here. Father went to places for treatment. Once Grandmother took him to Vienna for his paralysis; however, it didn't help him. She heard that there was some doctor there that could help with this, but it didn't help. Right before the war, I remember that a man came to treat him with electric shocks. But then the war broke out. He wasn't in the hospital often. He was mostly at home. We had two doctors who treated his illness. My father used to tells us stories. There were lots of them, but I don't remember them. He spent a lot of time with us, especially in the afternoon. He loved us a lot and we loved him. Everything that we wanted: 'Oh, dad we would like?' He never yelled at us. He was a wonderful father. He was a diabetic with atrophy but he went everywhere. He wanted to see everything. We even went with him to the seaside. He went to the Adriatic Sea. We went by train. We didn't go to the sea every year, but we went somewhere. Sometimes the whole family went together, but most of the time we went with Mother.

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