The family of Anna Danon's paternal grandfather, Iakov Grinberg

This is my father's family - my grandfather Iakov Grinberg and my grandmother Venezia, and behind them their three sons: Iakov, Nissim and Haim. The youngest one, with a white shirt, is Nissim. In the centre, standing between the parents is the eldest one, Iakov, and on the right is my father Haim. I wonder how it occurred to them to make such a lovely photograph. The photo was taken in Sofia in the 1900s. I have no information about my ancestors and I know just a few things about our family tree. I don't remember my paternal grandfather as he died when I was a little baby. He was rather old, and basically the family was more engaged in looking after me because his days were already coming to an end. He was born in Russia. A picture of his hometown was hanging on the wall in our house with the name 'Kravishon' written on it. I suppose it is today's Kishinev [capital of Moldavia]. I have no idea how he had come to Bulgaria and where he had passed through. My grandmother was born to a large family in Sofia. She was a very domineering woman. She didn't wear a wig and dressed in a worldly manner. Before, during and after the internment she lived with us - in Sofia. It took a while before we found her a separate lodging. She died in 1946. I know that both of my paternal grandparents were religious and observed the kashrut and Sabbath. I can't say whether they visited the synagogue every Friday - but they were definitely not Jews of the Orthodox stream, demanding that everything be strictly observed.

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