Anna Danon's uncle Iakov Isak

This is a photo of my uncle Iakov Isak, my father's brother. The photo was taken in Muzla in 1918. Uncle Iakov was a pharmacist and a military officer, which was something to be proud of among the Jews. Later on he worked as a pharmacist in the country - first in Petrich and then, for quite a long time, in Pernik. He had severe diabetes and his leg was amputated. Finally he moved to Israel. He died there. Iakov was a military officer while my father was a simple soldier in the same army detachment. My father always tried to get away, and once he caused a great havoc. One day at firing practice they were given blank cartridges. Somehow my father found a live one. When the practice began, the sergeant major immediately realized from the sound that somebody had used a ball cartridge. They checked, and found out that it had been my father. He was punished and brought to the officer for the joke. My father told us that when Uncle Iakov saw him, he hit him so hard that one of his boots remained between my father's legs.

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