Anna Danon's sister Ester Rubenova at the Bulgarian school

My sister Ester Rubenova at the Bulgarian school. They are on some kind of excursion here. Their teacher Miss Sirakova is standing in the last row, fourth from left. Ester was 5 years older than me. She took especially good care of me. She always took me with her when she went to organized school excursions. She introduced me to the theater. Ester was a very clever child and an excellent student. When she finished 3rd grade my father said that she would also have to start working. Her teacher came home to beg our father not to stop Ester's education, as she was an extremely smart kid. So she continued her education, although my parents could not support her financially. Ester graduated high school by correspondence, only after World War II. She worked in the Interior Ministry until the end of her life. She married Mois Rubenov in 1943 and they have two sons.

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