Anna Danon with her colleagues

This photo was taken on a specialization in Sofia in the 2nd city hospital where I specialized in children's diseases in 1959. I had to do my practice there so that I could be allowed to take the exam in that hospital. I am second from left, the others are my colleagues, specialists also. The man is Dr Anchev. He lived very close to the polyclinics we worked in, and we used to gather quite often. Dr Philipova (second from right) is a person I am still mad at. She spoke so enthusiastically about the [communist] regime and was such a prattler, she said that we were nothing while she was the most faithful believer, and so on. She reported on all the people who seemed suspicious to her. And then she suddenly disappeared. Finally we were told that she had left the country - she, who was such an ?orthodox? communist.

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