Anna Danon's sister, Klara Levi , with her family

My sister Klara, my brother-in-law Mois Levi and their child Reni. Almost all the time during the internment he was parted from his family. He was in a labor camp and he very rarely came to see his wife and child. [The picture was taken] on one of those days when he had visited them, in Vidin between 1942-44. The Jewish badge can be seen on his lapel. My sister and her child had a very hard life, while Mois was crumbling stones in the quarry. Klara moved to Israel in 1948 because she didn't approve of the communist regime. We, under Ester's influence, stayed here to build up the new Bulgaria. At first we had difficulties in contacting our relatives in Israel, as it happened through letters. Now it is much easier via telephone, and we communicate almost every day. The first time I went to Israel was in 1959. I was so happy. My sister, my brother-in-law as well as my friends also came here, though they had to face many more formalities.

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