Anna Danon with the choir of the Ilya Erenburg cultural organization

This is the choir of the Ilya Erenburg cultural organization. The photo was taken in Sofia around 1946/47. I am third from left in the first row. In the centre of the third row is Rudolf Goti, the conductor. Next to me, fourth from left, is Lili Pinkas. The Ilya Erenburg organization was founded within the Jewish community after the end of WWII. It was not a school initiative - there were many people there who hadn't graduated high school. We traveled a lot in the country and had many performances. There was a ballet ensemble, too. We were very enthusiastic about it and took part in a number of events. I don?t remember any particular town, as we used to travel a lot. We were a very lively and energetic group of young people. We had those uniforms with white shirts and skirts, and stars - these were not Jewish stars, but pentacles. At that time we didn't have any nationalist or Zionist sentiments. It was all about Bulgaria.

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