Sarina and Albert Gershon's wedding

This is a picture from my parents? wedding. My aunt Matilda Haim Gershon - from my grandfather's first marriage - is on the left, next to her is Uncle Shimon Haim Gershon, my father's oldest brother, and in front of him is my father's younger brother Samuel Haim Gershon, who went to Argentina in 1928. From the right are my Uncle Shmuel Kalef and his first wife Ana, my mother's sister Ernesta Ezra Menda, nee Kalef, and my father's stepbrother Leon Haim Gershon, who was then two or three years old, are in the front. My mother was a housewife, and my father was a merchant. He traded with haberdashery and worked with villagers mostly. He used to sell ribbons, laces and buttons but unfortunately he didn't sell any toys. His shop was on the merchant street near the mosque and Maritsa pharmacy. It was a two-storied shop. The first floor was something like a reception-room and the trade articles were on the second floor. My father liked to receive guests on the first floor. That's why he always had some fresh pastry or other small things to eat with him. My father perceived religion in his own way. He was mostly interested in politics - he was a great dabbler in politics. My father wasn't very religious. He became more religious after he went to Israel. He learned Hebrew there and he used to read newspapers. My father was very studious and he read a lot, though he hadn't gone to school. He was a thorough Zionist and a revisionist.