Rebeca Gershon-Levi and Solomon Levi

This is a picture of my second husband, Solomon Levi, and me at the Acropolis in Athens in Greece. His sister Dora is the one on the right. The photo was taken on our way back from our first visit to Israel in 1975. I got married to Solomon in 1974. He brought into the marriage and left me a son and a daughter that I wouldn't have, had I not met him. I get along very well with them. They have helped me a lot - especially when I had to move to new houses. The years I lived with my second husband were full of many pleasant moments and many excursions to the countryside. After we got married we went on a journey to Israel and on the way back we passed through Greece. When my parents were still alive I used to go to Israel very often - every two or three years. Sometimes it was difficult to leave. There was an absurd situation - when my mother was on her deathbed, they told me that I could only go to Israel if I was going for a funeral. That happened in 1983. My husband had already died then; he passed away on 29th May 1983. My mother died the next year.