Rebeca Gershon-Levi with her parents and relatives

This is a family photograph. Here is my father's sister - from my grandfather's first - Matilda Haim Gershon (the one on the left), my mother Sarina Avram Gershon (thrid from right), nee Kalef, my father, Albert Haim Gershon, and his stepbrothers and stepsisters Leon, Victoria and Mari Haim Gershon, and I. My family is from Plovdiv. My mother's and father's parents were born and lived in that town. I was also born there on 29th May 1923. My childhood in that town was wonderful. Plovdiv was a quiet, cozy and very well-organized town. I don't remember the house where I was born because we lived in rented places then and moved several times during my childhood. It was quite usual at that time to live under rent and most families lived that way. My life in Plovdiv was like a fairy-tale. Our family wasn't very rich but I had a very happy childhood. I found Plovdiv very charming.