Rebeca Gershon-Levi with fellow students

On this picture you can see me with my colleagues from the Law Faculty of Sofia University sometime before our graduation. I am the second from left. I was great friends with the boy next to me, the one wearing glasses. He was nice and he wrote poetry. The photo was taken in the 1960s. I remember an incident at university. I had to pass an exam in philosophy, the so-called ?diamat? - dialectical materialism. My first husband, Miuntzer Blagoev Zahariev, had already been arrested and charged with conspiracy against the state. We had already separated and everybody knew how worried I was then. A friend of mine was a university colleague of the teacher in diamat. She had asked him to be more careful with me. I didn't go to the exam, but the teacher called my friend and told her that I had passed the exam. He had thought that I was another student. Later I took that exam without announcing who I was. All my colleagues respected me quite much because I had already gathered diplomatic experience abroad. I lived a very interesting life with my younger colleagues. We were good friends and used to get together very often.