Haim Gershon and classmates

This is a photo of my brother Haim Gershon as a pupil of the 4th class in Sofia. He is the second from right in the upper row. We had already moved to Sofia then and we lived on Tsar Simeon Street. I had already graduated from high school at the time this photo was taken. My brother was born on 16th January 1929 in Plovdiv. He went to kindergarten there. He started school in Sofia and he got as far as the 4th class when they interned us to Pleven. Practically he didn't manage to get education while he lived in Bulgaria. He went to work after we came back to Sofia. He was a skilful boy and he started to work in a shoemaker's workshop. He made a pair of lovely tourist shoes for everyone in the family before he left for Israel. He got interested in mechanics after he went to Israel, he graduated as a 'mazger' mechanic there and after that he became a teacher. He has created big construction projects in metallurgy.