Samuel Gershon and family at a picnic

This is a picture from an excursion to Kleptuza near the village of Chepino in 1923. This waterfall no longer exists. I am the baby that my father, Albert Haim Gershon, holds in his arms. My father's younger brother Samuel Haim Gershon is in the middle - he went to Argentina together with my father's stepbrother Leon Haim Gershon. My father had three brothers and a sister from his father's first marriage - Shimon, Samuel, Josef and Matilda. My father's mother had died very early and his father married again after that. My father had two stepsisters and a stepbrother - Mari, Victoria and Leon. We used to go on excursions out of Plovdiv every weekend. Sometimes we left on Friday evening. We traveled in drays. We went to Komatovo, Kuklino and Markovo [villages in Plovdiv region]. We passed through lovely walnut forests that unfortunately no longer exist today. We used to bring special barbeque grills with us and light a fire. My parents loved these excursions very much.