Mr. Sidi

This is my maternal great-grandfather. He was the father of my grandmother Mazaltov. His surname was Sidi but I don?t know his first name. The photo wa taken in Plovdiv in the 1910s. My maternal great-grandfather lived in Pazardjik and was a Greek citizen. His ancestors had been from Greece. No one in my mother's family ever told me when he had come to Bulgaria and from where exactly. I remember that his daughter, my grandmother, Mazaltov Haim Kalet, nee Sidi, who was a Greek citizen, had to go to the municipal offices in Plovdiv every year in order to certify her passport. My mother, her sister and brother got Bulgarian citizenship after they turned 18. My maternal great-grandfather dealt with timber. He was a very dignified and nice person. My maternal great-grandmother was named Estrea. They both spoke Ladino and Bulgarian.