Mazaltov Haim Kalef and relatives

This photo from 1932 is a memory from a walk on Bunardjika hill in Plovdiv. My grandmother Mazaltov Haim Kalef, nee Sidi, is on the left and her sister Rashel is next to her. My grandmother's sister used to come to Plovdiv very often. My great-grandmother Ester lived with her in Yambol. The woman on the right is Klara - she was either a cousin or a sister-in-law of my grandmother?s. My maternal great-grandfather lived in Pazardjik and was a Greek citizen. His ancestors had been from Greece. No one in my mother's family ever told me when he had come to Bulgaria and from where exactly. I remember that his daughter, my grandmother Mazaltov, who was a Greek citizen, had to go to the municipal offices in Plovdiv every year in order to certify her passport. My grandmother and Klara were very close and loved to visit each other. When I was joking that she was always on her way somewhere she used to answer me with a Ladino proverb: ?No es por ti que es por mi?. She meant that she was going on a visit for her own pleasure.