Rebeca Gershon-Levi in China

This is a picture from my stay in China. The Bulgarian ambassador Panchevski is in the middle, his wife is the one sitting and I am the one behind her. The woman that is crouching is the wife of the military attache. The photo was taken in a Chinese village commune in 1962. My first husband, Miuntzer Blagoev Zahariev, was fired from the Police Department in 1951. He didn't start to work again until 1954. I provided for him for four years. In 1954 the minister of finance, Kiril Lazarov, who was Miuntzer's godfather, became a press attaché in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He recommended Miuntzer for a mandate in China and so we went there. We lived in China for four years. Miuntzer worked as a second secretary of the Bulgarian embassy in China. When I was in China I used to send my letters to my parents to Miuntzer's mother in Bulgaria first and then she put them in another envelope and sent them on to Israel. In the times when I was in Bulgaria I used to send my letters to Israel directly.