Rebeca Gershon-Levi and Miuntzer Blagoev Zahariev in China

This is a photograph from my stay in China. You can see myself and my first husband, Miuntzer Blagoev Zahariev in Beijing. We had a car then and we often went to different receptions. The picture was taken in the 1960s. My first husband was fired from the Police Department in 1951. He didn't start to work again until 1954. I provided for him for four years. In 1954 the minister of finance, Kiril Lazarov, who was Miuntzer's godfather, became a press attaché in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He recommended Miuntzer for a mandate in China and so we went there. We lived in China for four years. Miuntzer worked as a second secretary of the Bulgarian embassy in China. Our life there was very pleasant though my husband was in conflict with the Bulgarian ambassador.