Albert and Sarina Gershon

This is a picture of my mother Sarina Avrama Gershon, nee Kalef, and my father, Albert Haim Gershon. The photo was taken in Plovdiv in 1921 and they sent it to my great-grandmother Estrea. My maternal great-grandmother was named Estrea. She spoke both Ladino and Bulgarian. She lived to a very old age - with one of her daughters in the town of Yambol. She used to visit my grandmother in Plovdiv. We even went to health resorts together - my great-grandmother, my grandmother and I. I remember that my maternal grandmother wrote in Ladino. She was a very calm and kind woman. She used to tell me fairy-tales - she was very eloquent and had an endless list of tales. My favorite ones were those from the 'A Thousand and One Nights' collection. My grandma was very intelligent and good and everybody in Plovdiv respected and loved her a lot. She died after we had already moved to live in Sofia, when I was in the 7th class of high school.


Rebeca Gershon-Levi