Rebeca Gershon-Levi with her husband and his mother

This is a picture of me, my first husband, Miuntzer Blagoev Zahariev and his mother We are in the house on Marin Drinov Street in Sofia. The photo was taken in the 1950s. We shared that place with a compatriot of mine - a Jewish woman who didn't want us at first - she even put out our luggage twice. We became good friends in the end. She lived in one of the rooms and my family - my mother, my father, my brother and I - had a kitchen, a living-room and a bedroom. The apartment was enormous. I went on living on 2, Tolbuhin Blvd after my parents left for Israel in 1949. I lived there with my husband. He was in conflict with Valko Chervenkov [then minister of culture] because of some objections that my husband had against the communist party rule. On the other hand his mother lived with the thought that she was an active party functionary. They had even been chased out of their apartment following an order by Valko Chervenkov. After my parents moved to Israel, I was offered to buy the apartment, but my husband didn't agree because he believed that everything would become state property. Later we had to vacate the apartment because the owner's sister wanted to sell it. Meanwhile my parents went to Israel. After that my first husband and I moved to Marin Drinov Street.