Kinszki Ármin

This is my paternal grandfather. The Kinszkis had land near the Ipolysag. [My grandfather] Armin, as a young man, used to go to the Academy of Commerce. I don't think that he studied in Budapest, but only came here to work; he worked at the Anker insurance company. My grandfather was an educated man. He was also a sportsman; for example, he used to skate; I remember that he had a skating season ticket. Armin worked at the insurance company, and grandmother Paula stayed at home. They found a very nice three-storey villa in Ilka Street and moved there. I suppose [they rented] one level. Then their two children came along, but with a huge age difference. 

[He died very suddenly.] He had never had any health problems. This happened in 1910. My grandfather was so young that he didn't have a pension. I think his employers gave something to his widow, then they found a job for her at that insurance company.


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