Judit Kinszki’s grandfather Dezso Grunberger

My maternal grandfather. [He was called] David Grunberger. They came from the Felvidek region in [in what was then Upper Northern Hungary, today Slovakia], but we didn't know too much about them. My grandfather was a tailor, but later, at a military uniform company his duties involved carrying samples in a bag down to where the garrison was, as the officers made for themselves so-called extra uniforms, which were beautiful dress uniforms. They chose the material and the style, he took their measurements and took them to Budapest, when he had enough. The clothes were made there and he brought them back to be tried on. He checked them -that's why they needed a tailor-, and then he brought them the finished uniforms. So he, according to my mother, came home only once every two or three weeks because he was always on the road. He received fruit all the time, and once he even got wine, in a big barrel.

My grandparents weren't so poor, but they had many children. Sometimes they went to Karlsbad to the curative waters there. They happened to be there in Karlsbad, my grandfather was playing billiards, when the newsman came and said that the war [the First World War] had broken out. They say that my grandfather fell onto the billiard table and died right then and there. The family's biggest problem was how to carry his body home, because the transportation of soldiers, of the army, had already begun. They clubbed together and managed to bring the body home to be buried here. 

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