Judit Kinszki’s grandparents, Armin Kinszki and Paula Schiller

My paternal grandparents. My grandfather Armin, as a young man, used to go to the Academy of Commerce. I don't think that he studied in Budapest, but only came here to work; he worked at the Anker insurance company. We didn't know my grandmother, but my grandfather was an educated man. He was also a sportsman; for example, he used to skate; I remember that he had a skating season ticket. Armin worked at the insurance company, and grandmother Paula stayed at home. They found a very nice three-storey villa in Ilka Street and moved there. I suppose [they rented] one level. Then their two children came along, but with a huge age difference. 

My father was a [private student in elementary school]. When he was nine years old he had already finished the four years of elementary school. Then papa said, "On to high-school". The best school was that of the Piarists, so he took him to the Piarists and enrolled him. [My grandfather] came home happy with little Imike, whom he loved, he sat down and then slumped onto the table, and he was dead already. That's how sudden his death was. He had never had any health problems. This happened in 1910. My grandfather was so young that he didn't have a pension. I think his employers gave something to his widow, then they found a job for her at that insurance company. They couldn't keep up the house in Ilka Street, and so they went to the grandparents. 

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