Gabi Kinszki

This is the son of my paternal grandfather’s brother Jozsef

[My great grandparents]  the Kinszkis had land near the Ipolysag. They lived in a beautiful old baroque house: in the style that featured big gates with smaller ones in the middle. I remember that because we used to sleep there. They didn’t identify as Jews. They lived like members of the gentry: on horseback, with sabres in their belts. When Hungary was re-annexed we spent a summer there. The cousins were on very good terms with each other. They considered my father an orphan, so they invited us all the time, and we spent our summer there. I remember that when we went there for the first time, they sent a buggy for us. It was good fun.

Jozsi, one of the brothers of my grandfather Armin, remained there to run the farm. Uncle Jozsi had two sons: Laci was a farmer on the Kinszki-land. They all died in Auschwitz.


Photos from this interviewee