Judit Kinszki’s mother Ilona Kinszki

My mother. 

My mother and I were in the ghetto during the war. We came out of the ghetto, and I told my mother that we should go back to Liszt Ferenc Square, because all of our furniture, bedding and dishes were still there. We lived on Liszt Ferenc Square. We carried there what remained from Zuglo [from the previous house]. My mother lived there on Liszt Ferenc Square until she died [in '83]. In '46 my uncle came back. When Gyongyi came back she lived there as well. Then my father's sister, auntie Kato, came back; she lived with us too. Everybody was dead or had emigrated, so we were in a kind of vacuum. My mother held her brother and sister and that single auntie as close as she possibly could. My mother did all kind of things. She made the whole house clean, washed corpses, and took on everything. [Later] we two remained in that house. One room was always rented to the IBUSZ [lit. Touring, Travelling, Transport and Purchase Co. Ltd] to make a little extra money. After the war my mother was a stenographer and correspondent at the Fashion Wholesale Agency, then at the National Bank, and the Tuker [Fuel Commercial Agency].

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