Pal, Janczi and Cecilia Kinszki

This is the son of my paternal grandfather’s brother Jozsef. 

Jozsi, one of the brothers of my grandfather Armin, remained there to run the farm. Uncle Jozsi had two sons: Laci was a farmer on the Kinszki-land, Pal rented a count's land at Hevmagyar (county Hont), which is a small village. There was a manor house, a really nice manor house, complete with chapel and everything, but it was closed, so they lived in the bailiff's house: a fancy country-house with very modern furnishings. I'd never before seen an electric refrigerator and electric fire. They had a distillery, a threshing-machine and a steam-plough. He was a good landlord, and everybody loved him, because he cared about the schools. He had a son, Jancsi. I had a crush on him as a little girl, and in my dreams I was his wife. I had a little horse, Juci, which they raised. Jancsi was going to come to Hungary to study and he was to stay with us. My brother, who was a high-school boy at that time, was to help him. They were all taken to Auschwitz from Slovakia.

Photos from this interviewee