Imre Kinszki, Judit Kinszki’s father

My father, Imre. 

[My grandfather] Armin worked at the insurance company, and grandmother Paula stayed at home. They found a very nice three-storey villa in Ilka Street and moved there. I suppose [they rented] one level. Then their two children came along, but with a huge age difference. My father, Imre, was born in 1901, and auntie Kato (who's still living in Paris and is 94 years old) in 1907.

My father was a skinny boy and they thought it better for him not to go to school. Auntie Frida taught him at home, and with her help my father passed his elementary school exams two at a time, and when he was nine years old he had already finished the four years of elementary school. He was a very clever young boy. 

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