Kato Kinszki, Judit Kinszki’s aunt

This is my father´s sister. My father, Imre, was born in 1901, and auntie Kato in 1907. [My grandfather] Armin worked at the insurance company, and grandmother Paula stayed at home. They found a very nice three-storey villa in Ilka Street and moved there. I suppose [they rented] one level. 

Her husband was an engineer and worked in the Tungsram Electric Company. He died in forced labor. Kato came back from deportation  and she lived with us too. [After the war] Auntie Kato worked at the Publishing Company. She remarried and she has children. She left Hungary in 1965. She's still alive and she lives in Paris and is 94 years old. 

Photos from this interviewee