Kinszki Ilona

This is a membership book for my mother from the National Association of  Private Clerks. My mother was born in 1899. She graduated from middle school, then completed a one-year commercial course, and she became an official: a stenography correspondent. 

I think that when my parents met each other, it was so that my mother got a job where my father worked, at GYOSZ [National Association of Industrialists]. She was in the same room as my father. At home my father announced that he was going to marry Ilona Gardonyi, and this caused a hell of a scandal; how could an educated young man, who spoke five languages, marry such a lowly girl? My mother was not in love with him, but [my father] persevered  and her sisters badgered her continually, saying that in a Jewish family they couldn't get married unless the eldest sister was wedded. They got married in 1925. 

My mother was working in the Urania motion picture theatre, when they got married. She was the secretary of "Uncle" Lakner- who owned and ran a children's theatre. At that time they used to hold literary recitals. Everybody knew my mother, because she was a good shorthand secretary; writers dictated their works to her, and she typed them at home. She kept this job until the birth of my brother. Even later she always typed at home. Writers came to her to dictate, or she went somewhere. She got her own machine from Mr. Lakner. 


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