Judit Kinszki’s great uncle Jozsef Kinszki and wife

Jozsi, one of the brothers of my grandfather Armin. The Kinszkis [my grandfather´s parents] had land near the Ipolysag. They lived in a beautiful old baroque house: in the style that featured big gates with smaller ones in the middle. I remember that because we used to sleep there. They lived like members of the gentry: on horseback, with sabres in their belts. Jozsi remained there to run the farm. Uncle Jozsi had two sons: one was a farmer on the Kinszki-land, the other one rented a count's land at Hevmagyar (county Hont), which is a small village. There was a manor house, a really nice manor house, complete with chapel and everything, but it was closed, so they lived in the bailiff's house: a fancy country-house with very modern furnishings. I'd never before seen an electric refrigerator and electric fire. They had a distillery, a threshing-machine and a steam-plough. He was a good landlord, and everybody loved him, because he cared about the schools. He had a son, Jancsi. They were all taken to Auschwitz from Slovakia

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