Judit Kinszki’s great-grandmother Netti Schiller

My great-grandmother. Her name was Netti Stein. Her father, Salamon Stein, was the president of the Israelite religious community of Nyitra. She was born in 54. [Her husband] my great-grandfather (the father of my father's mother) was Dr. Zsigmond Schiller. In 1873 he started to work as a lawyer. He worked in Budapest till 1880 and in Bratislava from 1884. He was involved in journalism and papers on botany. 

Zsigmond Schiller and Netti Stein had seven children: six girls, one boy. Jozsi, the eldest, became a journalist.  Blanka's husband was Lipot Baumhorn, one of the most well-known synagogue-builders. The third oldest was probably my grandmother, Paula. Then there was Nelli, who died in childbirth. Her daughter was raised by my grandparents. Then there was Frida. Auntie Frida, unlike the others, wanted to study and to have a job, so she became a certified teacher. She was the secretary of the mayor of Budapest. Later she left for England with her second husband. The sixth was Otto. He was the secretary of the National Association of Textile Manufacturers, which was a part of the Manufacturers' National Association. They were wealthy enough. We (my grandparents and my parents) were the poorest. The others lived downtown in nice three or four-roomed apartments.  

My great-grandmother had a long life, she died in '38-'39. She lived with Jozsi, because Jozsi never got married. They had a nice big house. They weren't Jews at all. We grandchildren visited them all the time.

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