Gyongyi Krausz’s postcard

This is the postcard from my aunt Gyongyi Pollak [addressed to Imre Kinszki], Akacfa Street 50. She sent it when they were deported. She knew that we would be taken there, to the ghetto, and she knew this address. Tatabanya, that's where she must have thrown it into the post, I suppose.

And here is the amazing text: "My dear, good little brothers and sisters, After lots of trouble they took us to the Jozsefvaros train station and they are now taking us to Hegyeshalom. As soon as I know more, I will write a more detailed letter. They say that God will take care of us, just please, be strong, and most important of all: take care of your health. Resign yourselves to the situation, it will get better. At Klauzal Square I gave the blue beach-bag to a woman, she will give it to you as soon as possible. I sent Joska's stuff on with another woman, but she brought it back because they didn't let her in. Now we must be strong. Kisses to the children; Be good. I will bring you something from Germany. We are sixty-five together (she didn't write that in the wagon) there is a lot of noise and I can't write. Millions of kisses, Gyongyi. 3rd of October, Sunday." 

Gyongyi [was my father´s sister], one of a pair of twins, but her twin sister died at birth. She was a lamp-shade maker. Her husband was Zsigmond Krausz; he also died [during the Holocaust], but Gyongyi came back, and she got married again, and died of cancer very quickly. Maybe it was because they had done experiments on her in Germany, because she was a twin. 

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