Vizanka Gila Zur, Shelomo and Rivka Molho

This is a photo of my sister Vizanka Gila Zur, nee Molho, my brother Shelomo Molho and his wife Rivka Molho in the Ein Hahoresh kibbutz in Israel. The photo was taken in the 1950s. My brother and sister left for Israel, not with the mass aliyah in 1948-49, but earlier. My brother Shelomo graduated from the agriculture school in Sadovo and was ready to be a halutz - a worker in a kibbutz - and left for Palestine in 1942. He got issued a passport and with my help, almost illegally, since he hadn't done his military service, left for Palestine. There he settled in a camp and later took part in the Haganah resistance movement against the English rule, which existed until the establishment of the Jewish state. He married Rivka Molho, who was a Romanian Jew, in the 1950s. My sister Vizanka also left before the establishment of the Jewish state, in 1946. She graduated from the special school for sewing crafts and consumers' goods in Sofia and was also prepared to live in a kibbutz. In Israel, after 1948, she became a tailor in the Ein Hahoresh kibbutz. There everyone does what he or she can and receives what all the others receive. My sister Vizanka married an Austrian Jew, Michael Gila Zur in Israel and adopted the name Gila Zur.