Haim Molhov with his relatives in Israel

This is a photo from my visit to Israel in 1958. The photo was taken in the Ein Hahoresh kibbutz. In the second row to the left is my sister's husband Michael Gila Zur, holding their youngest child Arie. Next to him are my sister Vizanka Gila Zur, nee Molho, I and my brother Shelomo Molho. In the first row from left to right is my brother's daughter Malkale Molho, my sister's second oldest son Haim and her oldest son Zvi, who is the one on the bicycle. Zvi, however, came down with infantile paralysis and until this day every year he goes to have some special treatment in Switzerland. I went to Israel for the first time in 1954 to see my sister and my brother. My stay in Israel was planned for one month, but the ship with which I arrived and which was supposed to bring me back to Bulgaria, was three months late and I stayed longer. Meanwhile, I applied for non-paid leave to keep my position in the institute. I didn't have any problems with the authorities for staying in Israel for three months.