Haim Molhov with family and friends on holiday

This is a photo of my family and friends during our holiday in Petrohan in Stara Planina in 1948. I am in the far back, in front of me is Dr. Bassan, next to him is Jacques Behar, then one man whose name I can't remember and my son Benedict Molhov. Dr. Bassan is a friend of my family. He worked in the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Sofia. Jacques Behar is an old friend of mine from Plovdiv. He was born in Yambol and his family moved to Plovdiv when he was young. In 1938 we both applied for the roles of amateur actors in Plovdiv Theater. After 9th September 1944 I arranged for him to come to live and work in Sofia. We were friends for 56 years. Petrohan was our usual place for summer excursions and holidays. The landscape there is very beautiful and the air is very clean and healthy. We used to go there very often.