Vizanka Gila Zur and Sarika Asher Birma

This is a photo of my sister Vizanka Giola Zur, nee Molho, and my cousin Sarika Asher Birma, taken in the Ideal photo studio Plovdiv in the 1940s. The photo was taken during World War II and they wear the yellow badge indicating their Jewish origin. My sister Vizanka left for Palestine before the establishment of the Jewish state - in 1946. She graduated from the special school for sewing crafts and consumers' goods in Sofia and was also prepared to live in a kibbutz. In Israel, after 1948, she became a tailor in the Ein Hahoresh kibbutz. There everyone does what he or she can and receives what all the others receive. My sister Vizanka married an Austrian Jew, Michael Gila Zur in Israel and adopted the name Gila Zur. Sarika Asher Birma is the daughter of my aunt Roza Asher Birma, nee Geron, my mother's sister. The celebrations after my wedding in Plovdiv in 1939 took place in the house of Aunt Roza. Aunt Roza lived in a separate two-storied house and there was a haberdashery on the first floor. My cousin Sarika left for Israel in 1949.