Regina Molhova

This is my wife Regina Molhova, nee Geron, shortly after we got married. The photo was taken in Sofia in 1939. My wife is, in fact, my first cousin because she is the daughter of my mother's brother Nissim Geron. At that time such marriages were allowed. In fact, I didn't know my wife well before we married. I remember that she first came to Plovdiv in 1934 to visit her relatives. She was supposed to live in the two-storied house of Aunt Roza, who, however, had gone on a holiday to Chepino. That's why my aunt asked me to meet my cousin Nina [Regina] at the station and I agreed. I remember that she was a beautiful girl and that she impressed me a lot. That's how our love started. Nina stayed in Plovdiv for about a month and then left for Sofia. We wrote to each other from 1934 to 1939, when we got married. My wife was born in 1916 in Sofia. Her father, Nissim Geron, who was my uncle, was relatively well-off. My wife graduated from the Third Girls' High School in Sofia with excellent marks. She was a member of the Workers' Youth Union and took part in protests against high school fees. She was arrested by the police because of that. After we married, we went to live in the house of her parents in Sofia. During our internment from 1942-1944 she developed a very serious form of diabetes. She had a beautiful voice and sang in the Georgi Kirkov choir for many years. She worked in the publishing house of the Toplomontaj bulletin.