Haim Molhov with relatives and friends at the circumcision of his son Benedict Molhov

This is a photo taken in the Jewish hospital a couple of days after my son Benedict Molhov was born in 1941. I am the second from right. My son was born in the Jewish hospital in Sofia. The circumcision was done on the seventh day after he was born, in the hall of the hospital. A rabbi was also there. When my son was born, I was in a labor camp in the village of Marikostino, situated along the Struma River south of Sofia. When I learned the news, I asked my commanding officer in the camp, Captain Tyutyundjiev, to give me a couple of days' leave. I explained to him how important the ceremony of circumcision was for us, Jews, and that this was a big holiday for the family. This was my first mobilization to a labor camp and I was doing my military service. Captain Tyutyundjiev agreed to let me go home and was so moved by the news that he even came with me to Sofia and was present at the ceremony along with his wife. The name Mevorah means blessed by God. In Ladino - bendicho. That's why I named my only son Benedict. When our son was born, my wife asked the rabbi in Sofia what the contemporary equivalent of the name Mevorah was. He told her that that was the name Benedict. They informed me that they will name him Benedict and I agreed.