Rebecca and Mevorah Molho with their daughter Vizanka Gila Zur

This is a photo of my parents Mevorah Molho and Rebecca Molho, nee Geron, with my sister Vizanka Gila Zur, nee Molho. The photo was taken in Plovdiv before my sister left for Israel in 1946. My father was born in Pazardjik in 1882, and my mother was born in Plovdiv in 1887. My father moved to Plovdiv at the beginning of the 1910s. He fought in the Balkan War in 1912. My parents met in Plovdiv, when my father moved to live there. I think that my parents had a religious wedding in 1913. In the first years of their marriage, my family rented the house of my maternal grandmother. My father worked as a cobbler after his military service. He did not make shoes, only repaired them. My father worked in a small shed near our house. As far as I remember its owner was a Bulgarian, from whom my father had rented it for next to nothing. My mother was a very kind woman, always eager to give. I think I inherited this from her. I remember that every time we went for a walk in Plovdiv, she bought me some sweets or a pretzel. Although we didn't have much money, she always did her best to make me happy. During World War II my parents were in Plovdiv in their home. They left for Israel in 1949. They settled in Haifa and died there in the middle of the 1950s. My sister Vizanka left for Palestine before the establishment of the Jewish state, in 1946. She graduated from the special school for sewing crafts and consumers' goods in Sofia and was also prepared to live in a kibbutz. In Israel, after 1948, she became a tailor in the Ein Hahoresh kibbutz. There everyone does what he or she can and receives what all the others receive. Vizanka married an Austrian Jew, Michael Gila Zur in Israel and adopted the name Gila Zur.