The family of Haim Molhov

This is a family photo taken in 1942 in Sofia. In the foreground you can see my wife Regina Molhova, nee Geron, holding our little son Benedict Molhov. Behind her is her father Nissim Geron, and I am in the back . To the right in the foreground is a cousin of my wife. I lived in Plovdiv until 1939. In 1940 I moved to Sofia where my wife lived. My uncle, Nissim Geron, the father of my wife, found me a job in a wine company where I worked until 1942. Uncle Nissim was chief accountant of that company and I started to work as his assistant. My son Benedict Molhov was born in 1941. The name Mevorah means blessed by God, in Ladino - 'bendicho'. That's why I named my only son Benedict. When our son was born, my wife asked the rabbi in Sofia what the contemporary equivalent of the name Mevorah was. He told her that that was the name Benedict. At that time [1941] I was mobilized in labor camps as a soldier and I was temporarily released for the circumcision of my son. They informed me that they will name him Benedict and I agreed. My family loved music. While I lived in Plovdiv, I sang in the Jewish choir. In Sofia I signed up with the Georgi Kirkov choir. My wife also had a beautiful voice and I brought her to the choir where she sang for 26 years. My wife's parents also sang very well. Thus, our son grew up to become a famous composer, conductor and singer. I think that the name Benedict Molhov is quite fitting for a composer.