Regina Molhova with her son Benedict Molhov

This is a photo of my wife Regina Molhova, nee Geron, with our newly born son Benedict Molhov. The photo was taken in 1942 in Sofia. When my son was born in 1941, I was in a labor camp in the village of Marikostino, situated along the Struma River south of Sofia. Between 1941 and 1944 I was mobilized two more times to labor camps. The name Mevorah means blessed by God. In Ladino - bendicho. That's why I named my only son Benedict. When our son was born, my wife asked the rabbi in Sofia what the contemporary equivalent of the name Mevorah was. He told her that that was the name Benedict. They informed me that they will name him Benedict and I agreed. My wife looked after our son. We also relied on the help of her parents, who lived with us. We got along with them very well. My wife, her parents and our son were interned to the town of Chirpan in 1943. There she came down with a serious form of diabetes and our son fell ill with heavy dysentery. They lived in very poor conditions. They were accommodated in the rooms of the local school and survived only thanks to the care of my wife's parents.